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The Happinest are proud to provide Northamptonshire’s premier early childhood enrichment classes.

We were set up to help families have the BEST possible first years together, full of fun, love and happiness. But we also have a strong focus on the future development and well-being of your little ones. All of our sessions are specifically designed to aid your child’s development, naturally encouraging them to learn, investigate and explore the world around them, whilst also nurturing the loving bond you share.

We are here to support you right from the beginning, whether this is your first baby or your fifth. Spend some special time together, make new friends, and relax, in a supportive, non-intimidating environment.

Register for a class near you and become part of the much anticipated Happinest Community!


All of our classes are designed to promote your babies physical and mental health, as well as meet their social and emotional needs, in those all important first years of life.

We strongly believe that by investing in your child’s early development, you will help to maximise their future well-being so they can thrive in everything they do!


Happi Bumps Pregnancy Yoga - COMING SOON!!!

Happi Baby Massage Courses

Happi Baby Academy Development Classes

Messy Nest Art & Creative Play Events

We also run pop-up workshops to help parents deal with common issues such as teething and colic, as well as one-to-one and group private sessions (perfect for friend/NCT groups!), so please get in contact if you have specific requirements.

Booking is available NOW - just head over to the online bookings tab or pop us an email!

People who love each other fully and truly are the happiest people in the world. They may have little, they may have nothing, but they are happy people. Everything depends on how we love one another.
— Mother Teresa

When submitting personal information (data) to me, please ensure that you are happy with my privacy policy, detailing why I need to collect your personal data, as well as how it is processed and protected. I am required to collect this personal data in order to do my job effectively and safely, providing you with the best possible teaching. I do not share this information with any 3rd party and do all that I can to keep it secure at all times. My privacy policy is set out in more detail here.